Since 2004

I was trained as a goldsmith with a medal in 2004 and have had my own study at Nørrebro in Copenhagen since 2010.

As a jeweler, I constantly look for new inspiration. My design is unique and authentic, characterized by clean, graphic lines and focusing on top quality materials.

Finger rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces and larger unique showpieces are designed with the gold and silver hand trained.

Stinne Holm


Only the best

Rough and romantic

I always look for the personal expression of my jewelry and have delicately designed the visual expression that is sincerely mine and held on to it throughout my design development.

With a combination of my own personal taste, sense of design, good craftsmanship and artistic ability, I have tried to create my own special visual expression in a jewelry collection that holds great authenticity and timelessness.

From a piece of gold to jewellery

I love to challenge what a piece of jewelry can and appreciate making exaggerated, sculptural showpieces for artists.

The same feeling is to be found in every piece of jewelry in my collection that has edge and adds something visual and graphic.

I hope that my jewelery universe suggests that you can create your own expression by mixing, matching and stable styles.

My jewelry is raw and graphic in clean, sharp lines, and at the same time exclusive and feminine.


Stefansgade 17, st. tv.
2200 København N.

+45 28349803

CVR: DK-32235816

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